One world, One Haval!

That is the new mission statement of China's leading SUV manufacturer Haval. What does this new mission statement mean? Well the answer is simple; the Company has its eyes firmly set on globalization of the brand. Haval is already an International Brand and recently reached the impressive milestone of 5 million cumulative units sold but being international means exporting to overseas countries, the goal is to be a truly global brand with standardised vehicles being sold on every continent on the planet.

What is globalisation? And how has Great Wall Motor Corporation prepared itself for the global onslaught? Haval currently has six global Research and Development Centres across the world contributing in research within the fields of autonomous driving in the US (Detroit), Alterative energy and propulsion in Munich Germany, Styling and design in Yokahama Japan, cutting edge vehicle software development in Bangalore India, electric propulsion motors in Kottingham Austria and finally electric vehicle battery research in Korea. The Brand also boasts an overseas manufacturing plant in Russia and five Knock Down assembly plants in Equador, Bulgaria, Iran and Malaysia and together with 4 vehicle production plants in China, supplying a total of 52 countries and 418 marketing networks with vehicles. Haval also currently has three overseas Regional Business Offices in the form of Russia, Australia and South Africa. So Haval's global footprint is large to say the least but to be a truly global company, greater global market penetration is on the horizon.

For this reason, a new logo and vehicle badge has been adopted. This new badge and logo is set to take the mark to new heights of brand equity, a truly global badge, for a truly global mark. Vehicles carrying this all new badge will start hitting dealership showrooms in South Africa as soon as March 2019 with current production embracing the new badge on all models going forward.

Haval, leading in China. Aiming for the World.